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I carried you in my womb for nine months… felt sick for months with nausea, then watched my feet swell (and even disappear), my skin stretch and tear; i struggled to climb stairs, and got breathless quick; i suffered many sleepless nights. Then went through pain to bring you into this world.
Then, I became your nurse, your chef, your maid, your chauffeur, your biggest fan, your teacher, your helper, your prayer warrior, and your BEST FRIEND. I struggled for you, cried over you, hoped the best for you, and PRAYED for you.
*stolen and slightly modified.

I think I need to frame this and hang it in my kids room as not only a reminder to them but also a reminder to myself of what the 2nd half reminds me to be.


wonderful day

So today I woke up feeling very refreshed since I got to sleep in while daniel took care of the kids. Felt so wonderful to get 3 hours straight of sleep.  My husband could not rock more then he does when I woke up I feed Micah and came out of the room to the smells of breakfast being cooked that’s right Daniel made us breakfast! It was the yummiest breakfast ever! After breakfast I felt like taking advantage of this wonderful weather and we all went on a walk. We live right by Norte Vista high school so we went up to the yard where the goats are and Trinity yells “COWS” at them and they come over to the fence and she talks to them and almost touches them but freaks out at the last second. It’s so cute! She loves animals so much. Micah enjoyed the warmth of the sun on his slightly jaundice face. side note: it is truily amazing how squishie his forehead is. I love my cute little family I am so blessed by God.

heres some pics

Birth Story

Ok so I’ll try and recall how it all went down. Sat night I was up with contractions that were about 5-6 mins apart. At 4 am they went away and I was sad and happy. 1 cause I wanted to sleep and 2 cause I did not want to have him on the weekend. So sunday I had a very and that’s ok cause I had a family baby shower to go to in santa Clarita and it was great. I got home around 8 and started having some irregular contractions went to be woke up around 6 to Daniel saying “should I stay home today?” I said “yes”. We did a little “dance” I made some tea and then headed off to the office to do my Monday thing. I was having consistant contractions but they weren’t too bad until around 12 when we started to leave. We missed lunch 😦 but headed home and put Trinity down for her nap. Waited at home until around 2 then headed over to Kaiser. No lie the second my butt hit the L&D bed my contractions stopped. so sad I was for sure they were gonna send me home. I waited for the doc to come in and she did an exam and said “yep you’re stayin” I was still 80% and -1 station but I was 6 cm dilated. The 1st room I was in had no shower and that was breakin my heart cause I knew I was gonna need it. So we asked if we could have another room and boom it happened we got a room with a shower! Praise Jesus it was big enough to bring the birthing ball in with me.  So daniel and I walked around the 3rd floor and did some squating and ball sitting and nothing. I was told at 2 when we got there that if nothing happened Roshan (the midwife I had while pregnant with Trinity) was gonna come in in a “FEW” hours and break my bag of water. well at 7 she finally comes in and says “hey look. nothings happening we need to break your bag of water get you on some pitocin and an internal contraction monitor.” 😦 so not what I wanted so she gave us a few mins to talk and when she came back we asked if we could hold of for 30 mins on the pitocin and she was only slightly excited about it but gave it to us. NO LIE the sec she broke my bag of water and I stood up I started having contractions that were 2 to 3 mins apart. very intense. I jumped in the shower for a bit, did some rockin side to side by my bed while leanin on Daniel and trying not to throw up on his head, sat on the edge of the bed throw up in a bowl, finally got my fat rear end on the bed some what the right way, had some very intense extremly close together contarctions could not stay focused and breath and relax the right way so I asked for “something very mild in my i.v.” and 20 mins after getting them said “I NEED TO PUSH”! they checked me and said “you can not push yet you are not at 10 yet” I tried for a few contractions to not push but alas it was not gonna happen. I said “I have to push” they said “no” I said “you do not understand!!” then I started pushing. Daniel was told to “push the nurse call button” so he franticly pushed every button in the room. while the other nurse ran to the door and said “WE NEED A DOCTOR”. little did I know the cause for all the excitment was micah was being held back by the nurse while the doc was running in the room and nurses trying to break my bed down into delievery mode. About 4 pushes later Micah James Daniel Vizthum made his way fully into the world on 10/6 at 9:33 am. yes thats right my sons birthday is 10/6/08 multipies of 2 while trinitys is 12/9/06 which is multiples of 3 and he was born at 9:33 which is 9 divided by 3 equals 3. while trinity was 11:57 1+1+5=7. MY KIDS LOVE ME!!! He weighed in at 8 lbs 6 oz and 20 ins. so yeah I had him in 2 hours. I was shocked it went that fast! shortly after delivery i uttered the wonderful words “i want a pickle!” i dont know why i wanted one but if i could have in those 5 mins i wanted one i would’ve killed for it. we  sit in room recovering and Daniel brings Trinity in in was so amazing to see hoe gentel amazed she was with him. he’d cry she’d cry. she was confussed by the fact that he eats from my bobie. i was sad they wouldn’t let me walk to our new room for the night. when we got there all the fam and friends made there 10 min rounds and then we were “off to bed” as much sleep as you can get in a hospital. we got released and ended up back at home at 2:50 pm on the 7th. So glad to be home! Micah had his “great starts” appointments today and everythings lookin great. He lost the 6 oz but thats no biggie. We have an appointment with the lactation speacialist tomorrow. sorry this has the worst grammer but i’m sleepy, holding a baby to the boob with one hand and going for speed right now. love you all and thanks to everyone who prayed, stopped by and helped! and special thanks to Dawn and Amanda you guys were amazing and helped Daniel and I so so much!! oh and by the way my midwife did not make it into the room a random doctor had to take her place! and catch as micah was “falling” out of me. 😀 whoops


So was googled myself tonight just for the heck of it and came across a link to one of my 1st blogs on wordpress. I can not believe I’ve been doing this for a year now. My 1st blog on wordpress was back on Sept 6, 2007. Insane how fast this year has flowen by! Just shocking how fast time flys. I mean I’m still getting use to the fact that I really am 26. I can’t remember what happened to 25 and now in just a few more months I’ll be 27 and a mother of 2!!!!! CRAZY!!!!

p.s. micah has some wicked hiccups right now. they are shacking my whole belly. gotta be drivin him nuts.

news worthy

so heres a link to an article of Daniels uncle in the PressEnterprise from way back in March. Yes I’m slow it’s the pregnancy brain at it’s best. 🙂 Uncle Toms 15 mins of fame

his 15 minutes of fame

his 15 minutes of fame

Fathers day

a little run down of our Father’s Day 1st daniel opens and plays with yet another bluetooth ear piece. I pray he doesn’t loose this one too. 😉

then its off to breakfast of Daniel’s choice which is…

See how much fun he’s having you can actually see his eyes. now thats exciting.

Trinity longing to be running around outside chasing the birds.

Trinity is eatting like the puppies do. Silly baby

I love daddy!

and to top it all off it’s a fun bike ride with daddy!


my dad had his cataract surgery today and he keeps talking about the stitch in his eye and it makes me want to throw up. I can handle talk about anything but that! the eye is just a no talk, fly, touch, anything zone for me.  he likes being able to push that button with me cause i have so few and I push his all the time. hehe we’re an evil family. Daniel and I do the same thing to each other. we are an odd couple. odd family. odd people. thats us in a nutshell. 🙂