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I carried you in my womb for nine months… felt sick for months with nausea, then watched my feet swell (and even disappear), my skin stretch and tear; i struggled to climb stairs, and got breathless quick; i suffered many sleepless nights. Then went through pain to bring you into this world.
Then, I became your nurse, your chef, your maid, your chauffeur, your biggest fan, your teacher, your helper, your prayer warrior, and your BEST FRIEND. I struggled for you, cried over you, hoped the best for you, and PRAYED for you.
*stolen and slightly modified.

I think I need to frame this and hang it in my kids room as not only a reminder to them but also a reminder to myself of what the 2nd half reminds me to be.



kills me

trinity kills me she’s so funny!! she just came up to me said “gucky” with a funny look on her face I asked her “what’s yucky” she showed me her hand and when I went to look at it she rubbed her hand of me. Funny face went away and she walked away satisfied that the “gucky” was now gone. what a funny little girl she is! wish you could have seen it, it was priceless!!

should you get a dog…or have children

I got this as an email from a friends it’s just the greatest thing ever. It says

Should I get a dog…

Or have children

Oh and that’s not pee by the way. aren’t kids precious? 😉

and my all time favorite is…