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fall out boy

their music videos make me giggle! here’s my new favorite of theirs.

Singing as Relaxation

So was reading on my Bradley instructors blog and came across this video she posted about. It makes me cry, it is so beautiful!! so natural so amazing! and makes me so jealous that I can not have a home birth!

Hands-Free: what to do with your hands now

I think this law is a total joke and this video points out why. There are still things we will and do do on a daily basis with our hands/minds while we’re driving. The problem is not the holding the phone it’s where your brain is while you’re talkin on the phone and unless your hands free device is also thought free then you better start prayin they don’t notice you still can’t drive even though you’re using that now manditory hands free device. and anyways it should be hand free cause I don’t use both hands to talk on the phone. Except for the fact that I talk with my hands. So weather you’re sitting next to me or on talkin on the phone with me I’ll still drive and talk with my hands WATCH OUT I MIGHT RUN YOU OVER!

Protected: Glamis here we come

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one of my fav videos

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Fist Pound

So today at lunch in front of Trinity for the 1st time I gave my brother a fist pound. After that she stuck out her tiny little fist like “oh ok my turn” it was so cute. You can hear my ridiculous laugh. Sorry! and me telling one of the waitresses that we didn’t teach her she just saw us do it. She really does amaze me ever day!! My dad, brother and I almost died when she 1st did it I wasn’t even sure if I was gonna be able to stop laughing long enough to get out the camera. which you can hear as I’m laughing I barely held it together.