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glimps take 2


Kids say the darndest things

So I asked Erin “where do baby’s come from?”

she pointed at my tummy

I asked “how do they come out?”

She then tries to spell surgery


I guess phonetically it works

“what do they do in that surgery?”

she then starts to poke her tummy


“they poke you with a bunch of needles”

“oh really and then what?”

with lots of seriousness and eyes wide she says “you cry forever!”

I am so happy I asked her that question it made my day!!

warms my heart

So we’re watching ellen today and of course there is dancing happening and so Trinity jumps up and starts dancing with her. Then she comes running over to daniel and grabs him by his hand and starts pulling on him saying ” ‘mon daddy dance!” so he the dancing ensues and it makes me giggle and oh so happy! I hope there are many more dancing sessions to come.  Its my hearts desire for Trinity and Daniel to have a very close relationship so she can see how a real man acts. And thus far he is doing a great job! Yay to family love.

Whats your sign

So I’m reading my emails and my sister sent me an email that has all the Astrological signs with a cute little “summery” of your personality and what not. here’s what it has to say about us Taurus’

TAURUS   (The Tramp)
Aggressive.  Loves being in long relationships.  Likes to give a good fight for what they want.  Extremely outgoing.  Loves to help people in times of need. Good kisser.  Good personality.  Stubborn.  A caring person.  One of a kind.  Not one to mess with.  Are the most attractive people on earth!

Really?! I’m the most attractive person on the earth. Sucks to be all of you. 😉 Guess that’s why I’m the tramp. Also I sound imbalanced. Guess I should take a pill or something. 🙂


nope this is not going to be a blog about what has just happened today to our nation but about a happier thing. Trinity is now in a big girl bed. Daddy made the switch tonight and she could not have been more excited. She has been down for about an hour now and she never once attemped to get out of bed. We’ll see how things go in the morning. Not that it makes that big of a difference Micah get’s up at the BCOD and doesn’t settle down until about 8 which is when she normally gets up so I didn’t get any extra sleep after 5:30 anyways.  It’s truely amazing how fast they grow up.

The thinker

So true!

so yes I’ve been hoping that micah will come early but I know that it only happens to other people. which is si vert evident since everyone around me that was due in october has already had there kids. well besides one and she’s due on the 30th so I’m glad she hasn’t had her baby yet. the thing that really gets me is this is all there 1st except one and they went early. I was not expecting him to come this early before but the little stunt he pulled on Sunday made me kinda feel like it might be possible. well no now my fear is he really is going to stay in there forever and I’ll go past my due date. and if that happens then I will be induced on October 20th. they wont work on the weekend if they don’t have to.

so anyways here what the sarcastic journalist has to say about week 36.

If you’ve paid attention to any pregnancy books, you’ll read that most babies are born between 36 and 41 weeks. You’ve heard that, haven’t you?

I swear, it seems to me that every woman, especially first time moms, think that their baby is going to come at 36 weeks. Here’s a hint: Most likely, it won’t.

I know, I know. I’m a mean person. How could I tell you that your baby isn’t going to come today? You know you’re thinking that.

Wait- what was that twinge- is that labor? Ooh, maybe it was labor? Could it be labor?


I know it’s hard to hear that, but the sooner that you learn to accept the cold hard truth that early labors happen to “other people,” the sooner you can get on with the rest of your pregnancy. Worrying about whether or not today will be the day isn’t going to make the baby come any faster. Trust me, I’ve tried.

You’ve been looking in the mirror and you’ve wondered how you could possibly get any bigger. There’s no room for the baby in there! You just KNOW you have to go into labor early.

Unfortunately, your body has other plans. It plans on keeping that baby in there forever!

Think of it this way: Would you rather have the baby stay “longer” now, when it is a fetus in your belly, or move back in after college? At least now, if the baby is in your belly, people will feel sorry for you and bring ice cream and cake. When the kid moves in after college? They’ll just gossip behind your back and call you a bad parent.

Staying pregnant for a few more weeks is totally worth it.