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The kids had a blast at their 1st day of preschool walked in like a champ took off without a goodbye. Had to hunt them down to give them a kiss goodbye.
Went to pick them up and when I finally got micahs attention and told him we had to go now he said “aw man!!!” But when I told him ge can come back tomorrow he was OK with that. 🙂
I asked trin what she learned today and she told me “I learned the letter l is for lion and the letter c is for turtle” trin I don’t think that’s right. “No I promise” lol she tells me “the letter c was next to the turtle.” But trin that doesn’t mean turtle starts with c. She’s thinking “hmm…CA CA cake…cake… hmm” She’s also very excited cause she was “the only good listener…well and the other kids but not all of them” she also got to be @ the front if the line “the teacher told everyone to line up behind me!!!”
The teacher said they both did GREAT for their 1st day. I’m so glad they are enjoying themselves.

P.S. we found out last night trin has a loose tooth. Micah is almost more excited about it then trin. He’s yelling “the tooth fairy’s coming!!!! She’s gonna bring sissy a present!!!! I have a loose tooth too!!” He doesn’t like the idea that he has at least 2 more yrs till he gets a loose tooth. Lol


Sugar Cookies

it’s been awhile since I blogged last but thats really wordpress’s problem. If It had mobile capabilities then I would blog from my phone just as much as I facebook and myspace. Anyways today Trinity and I made sugar cookies. I am not the greatest baker in the world so my cookies ended up jinormous. I had no idea how much those suckers would spreed out. None the less trinity had fun patting the dough with the wooden spoon and pressing the cookie cutter into it. She would say “I press it” then scream “yay I make it!!” it was so cute. once they were done cooking I got out our food dye pens and colored on the cookies. You can definitely see her handy work.

7 days

So my surgery will be in 7 more days and I am both scared and excited. Heres a list of the things that have been bouncing around in my head.

1. General anaesthesia scares the crap out of me. I’ve never had more then twilight and an epidural. With my luck I’m gonna have some kind of reaction. I think it’s also the thing that scars daniel the most.

2. I wonder how they are gonna pull my gallbladder out through that tiny incision. I’d be more open to believing it if I did not have so many layers of fat. I dont think fat is as stretchy as everyone elses thin skin.

3. I can not believe I have to be naked infront of so many total strangers. good thing I’ll be out!

4. I am so not looking forward to having all that air in my abdominal cavity. man that makes me feel MASSIVE and CAVERNOUS.

5. Really hopeing for a fast recovery!

comfort zone

So I was reading on Rose’s Blog about the free hug campaign. I’d heard about it but never really found out what it was all about. Anywho while I’m reading and looking through the photos I had a crazy thought. This would probably be a helpful way for those of us who do not really enjoy physical touch. *cough* me, daniel, neal, Amanda *cough* It would be a way to get us out of our comfort zones. It’s just a hug how bad can it be?

Birthday fun

heres some pics from her “happy birthday to you” on her birthday. The real fun begins on Sat.

mmm icing!!


what’s in here?






she’s such a good mommy!


burp baby burp



So today was Micah’s 2 month well baby check up. We missed his 1 month and then there was insurance issues but everythings all dandy now. He weighs 13 lbs 4 oz and 23.5 inches long. Which puts him the 75th to 90th percentile for both height and weight. He is so much bigger then trinity was. At his point trinity could still wear newborn stuff and even a few preemie outfits but even better then that she could wear her build a bear outfits. (lisa, i snuck this in for you:) ) He has to see the physical therapist for the same head tilt issue trinity had. Poor baby got 3 shots today and screamed like I’d never heard him scream before. Total opposite of how trinity would react. She would cry until I picked her up then she was good to go. No not Micah he screamed until no sound was coming out and turned bright red with tears streaming down his face! It was so sad. It took what seemed like forever for him to calm down. Even with the bottle in his mouth he was pissed. I talked to his doc about his constipation caused from the switch to Soy formula. She said to give him prune juice and not to use the myralax anymore. He threw up the 1st few oz we gave him so we’ll see how this goes.

Also Micah has turned into the sweetest baby ever. He was so colicky! I had no idea what I was gonna do all I could think about was we are almost 1/2 way through this stage in his life. He started this stage at about 3 weeks and a few weeks ago I thought I was gonna kill someone it was so bad. But today boom he’s so peaceful! He played by himself in his bassinet for about 30 mins. until he started getting sleepy and then we just wrapped him up and put him in the bed room and just put himself to sleep! We have been beating ourselves silly trying to keep this child content and then today was amazing. I hope it lasts. I don’t know if it the Gripe Water he’s getting with every feeding or the Probiotics he gets once a day or just the way things were gonna turn out anyways but I could not be happier!

I got a call today from Kaiser and my appointment with the surgeon has been rescheduled for friday. Not happy about this especially since I’m haing attacks no matter what I eat. I’m so screwed. I have no idea when I’m gonna have an attack and vicodine is a joke!

Tomorrow (or today since it’s after 12am) is Trinity’s 2nd birthday! she’s such a big girl now! Bday party will be on Sat.

The thinker