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kids cartoons

so today while watching The little Mermaid with my kids and remembered singing along to every single song and one moment with my dad popped into my head. One day while singing along to Les Poissons (one of my favorites) I remembered my dad saying “you shouldnt copy everything you hear. You dont know what he’s saying” to which I replied “its a kids cartoon it cant be bad”.

So I looked the lyrics up and translated them via google. I ❤ google by the way. so heres what it said.

Les poissons, les poissons=fish

Ah, mais oui, ca c’est=which my guess is it meas Ah , yes , it is

toujours delish=Always delish

Zut alors=shucks!

Quel domage=what a pity

all sounds good right? yeah not bad until we get to this Sacrebleu!=damn or a multitude of other profanities. whoops guess disneys been tricking kids into cursing for many years. Sacrebleu is said in The Aristocats, The little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

Waytago Disney shame on you.



So i’m looking around at random stuff on the internet and one of the things I’m lookin at is CalWorks and on there is a link that leads to this info

Abstinence 0 percent
Depo Provera Shots 1 percent
Sterilization 1 percent
Contraceptive Patch 1 percent
IUD 2 percent
Vaginal Ring 2 percent
The Pill 3 percent
Male Condom 12 percent
Spermicide 18 percent 16-21 out of 100
Diaphragm 18 percent
NFP/FAM 21 percent
Female Condom 21 percent
No Method 85 percent

why i care about this you may ask. well I care because we use condoms. I dont want a 12% chance of of getting pregnant with a child that has a 50% chance of having trins birth defect. guess we are going to have to go with Abstinence! who wants to tell Daniel? I sure dont.

up close and personal *be warned*

Ok so if you’ve looked at my twitter or facebook recently you’ve seen that I have to go in and have a colposcopy done (looking at the cervix through a microscope/binocular) Heres why, if you care keep reading if not move along. 😉

So I went in to talk about birth control cause Lord knows we don’t need to have more kids. Just covering our bases. Well the visit is going just fine, she’s entering into the computer my order for the IUD and BOOM I asked her about my umm well let me be technical, Postcoital bleeding. I told you up close and personal.

heres how it went down

rebecca: lets take a look. well how long has this been going?

me: well I finally started paying attention to it a few months ago

rebecca: oh umm..ok…(peeking around) yeah this isnt normal. pulled the q tip out covered in blood! (all she did was swab) finished the pap.

me: silence

rebecca: we are gonna send this out and I’m ordering a colposcopy

me: Oh man

rebecca: oh you’ve had one before?

Me: no I took a friend to one

rebecca: k. I can’t do it. sorry it’ll have to be done by an OB/GYN. (rebecca is just a np)

Me: so what do you think it is

Rebecca: well…it could be an infection…and I know its not chlamydia. …they wont do the HPV unless the pap comes back abnormal.

Me: so an infection or what?

rebecca: (kinda side stepping. I know she’s not suppose to say the C word) They wont do a biopsy unless they see something questionable.

went to see the nurse and she called to set up the appointment with the lady and she wasnt in yet so she had to leave a vm and told me if I didn’t hear back by friday give rebecca a call.

got in the car called daniel and was doing fine until I had to say the word biopsy. Daniel told me I wasn’t allowed to get online and google it. I promised I wouldn’t but I did get on wikipedia. :p hey its just straight up information. you dont hear no horror stories just the facts ma’am just the facts. felt pretty good about it. then questions strated popping up in my head. once daniel got home I told him “ok now I get to go on google.” then I started freaking out.

Reasons why I don’t think its just cervicitis
1. I am not in any pain
2. I have not had any peeing issues (incontonice/UTI)
3. none of the gross issues that go along with cervicitis

Reasons why I think it might be cervicitis
1. My cervix bleeds easily
2. I have a heavy feeling in my uterus

Reasons I’m still not comfortable with it being cervicitis
1. cervicitis is sometimes a symptom of cervical cancer

Reasons I don’t think its cancer
1. I’ve never had an abnormal pap
2. having a colposcopy is not that uncommon
3. it could just be cervicitis all by its lonesome

Reasons I think it could be cancer
1. Rebecca’s face and tone. We had a complete change once I brought up the bleeding
2. It sounds like cervicitis which can be a symptom of cancer
3. It would explain God’s timing on giving us children when it didnt fit into what we would have planned.

Daniel and I had a talk while in bed cause I was crying silently and he noticed. He is so amazing he too wont say the C word. So strong, so positive, heres a couple of the things he said. now mind you he’s not a man of many words. “it could just be your uterus is broken and needs to come out” I asked (trying to get him to say the C word) “…but why would it need to come out?” can’t remember what he said but it wasnt cancer, hes so cute!!

I’m doing much better as the days go by. I have my appointment for the colposcopy its October 15th at 930. I’m going to call Rebecca on monday and see if she can tell me about the pap results. that will change everything. If its normal I’ll be just fine. Cause I’m not scared about the procedure its the results I’m scared of, But if its abnormal I’ll see if we can bump that appointment up.

Thanks for listening and sorry if I made you uncomfortable but I did give you fair warning. 🙂

Man its been awhile

ok so it’s been a while since I blogged last so let me fill you in on what I think I’ve wanted to post about but kept forgetting.

1. the biggest thing is we have made the decision that in the year two thousand and nine we will become fully bonafide adults and buy a house. We just made the decision like 3 weeks ago and we are not even going around lookin at houses yet. We are gonna wait till we get a down payment saved up. But by the end of the year we will have a house. *gulp* excited and freaked out at the same time! It’s a great time to buy. Its sad but true with so many repos and foreclosures it really is a buyers market right now. it’s bitter sweet seeing all the houses for sale. Sweet for us bitter for the ones losin their homes.

2. Trinity is a full blown 2 year old!! So much tude! It doesn’t help that for about 16 days straight daniel was on the grave yard shift. He worked from 6 pm till 6 am. So he was coming home to go to sleep when we were just waking up. and then he’d get up no earlier then 2 pm and then shower get dressed and then find out if he needs to pick up something before going in to work then he’s out the door about 5 pm. 😦 but on average we would get about 1.5 to 2 hours with him each day. 😦 It was really hard on trinity! he’s back to normal now and when he goes back to that job site it’ll be normal hours during the day. yay!

3. We had a great time in Vegas for Valentines day and we are gonna go back with the whole fam for my birthday. The house we stayed in was beautiful! It has a pool so that’ll be so fun in May. If you wanna come join us for any length of the trip let me know. It’ll be fun.

4. Cant wait for our Camping Trip this summer. Trinity can’t wait to see cousin abby again. she talks about her almost everyday. It’s so cute. Her imaginary friend is named abby too so it takes some thinking to figure out if its cousin abby or imaginary friend abby but I can always tell which is which.

I’m sure there was more but I can’t think of them right now. Hopefully when they come to me I’ll actually blog about it shortly after the thought and not weeks and weeks later.

48 hours post op

So today I feel so much better! yesterday I ate me some m dairy queen! Nice to be able to eat ice cream again. only thing that’s really bothering me is incisions itch and it still kinda hurts to use my stomach muscles. I’m still not allowed to pick up the kids which sucks!! But the best part about today was that I got to take a shower. Not gonna lie but I was kinda scared. I don’t have stitches on at least the one incision I looked at so I was scared It would get too wet and I’d spring a leak. Luckily no such thing happened.  My throat is almost back to normal Still  a little raspy but all in all it’s easier to talk. My left eye is dilated so I’m dizzy and having a hard time reading. It’s funny I can see better out of left eye while its dilated. If I wore contacts I’d only need to wear the one in my right eye.  Still takin my vicodin I think I might cut it down to one pill every 4 hours instead of two every 4. I really don’t like being that fuzzy headed and sleepy. I’ve been extremely blessed Daniel has helped out so much!! he’s done all the feeding in the middle of the night and most of them during the day since I’ve been knocked out cause of the drugs.

12 hours

So in about 12 hours I’ll be going under the knife. Note to self next time next time I have to take a preop antibacterial shower to not shave your legs. OMG my legs are ON FIRE!! also you might want to plan ahead for your “last meal” mine was a can of green beans and a sugar free jello! mmmm

So we have to be at the surgery center tomorrow at 9:30 who knows what time the surgery will actually start. You know how it goes show up fill out some paper work, settin in to the room, get a little somethin somethin in my IV to calm my nerves, then it’s down the hall to the O.R. hopefully I’ll be out of the o.r. and in recovery after 45 mins then on my way home after another 45. Well thats enough of that. I need to head off to bed.

oh if I go 10..9..8.. and dont wake up for 10 years please stop by the blog and give me updates about whats going on in the world and in your lives. 😉

it’s out of here

So I called the lady that schedules the surgery’s yesterday and she never called me back. Jerk! So I called again today and she said that “the 1st available date is Jan 19th.”

hmm “that’s my husbands birthday”

“ok I have the 22nd”

My friend said “hey you should do it on the 19th that way daniel can’t give you the gift that keeps on giving”. hehehe If you didn’t know or due the math ourself  micah was a birthday present pregnancy. I know TMI sorry.

My pre op is 2 weeks before here in riverside and the laparoscopy will be in Ontario. I’m not looking forward to having my belly filled with air for a few days.  But hey that’s the price you gotta pay to no longer have to worry about having another attack.