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weight loss

so i’ve had a few people ask me about this “4 hour body” thing daniel and i have been doing. (also my sister michelle and her hubby jeff. they got us started)

so here i go with my cliff notes version of the 4 hour body diet.

getting started

  • start on sunday or monday so you have a full week before your cheat day
  • measure both arms mid bicep, waist at navel hips widest point below navel and both thighs
  • weigh yourself
  • get an accurate body fat percentage
  1. eat 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up. we accomplish that by drinking some “protein 7” protein mix in either h2o or a cup of coffee. we get it at the nutrishop down the street. we add some cinnamon to it to help keep our blood sugar level. you should eat some beans and veggie at this point too but i dont have time in the morning so its just the drink then i’m off.
  2. drink ice water. and lots of it. in fact he advocates ice baths 3-4 times a week. the body burns more calories trying to warm back up then if you stayed at the pleasant 98.6 degrees we all are all day. but if you cant do the ice baths he says start small with ice packs on your chest and upper back 30 mins a day and then cold showers then ice baths. he only takes 10-15 min ice baths i think.
  3. eat about 3-4 times a day. heres where the most questions come in. the dos and donts. do eat protein, beans, and veggies at every meal. dont eat any carbs (other then the beans) all you have to do is ask yourself is this carb a bean/legume? if the answer is no then DONT EAT IT! NO dairy. soy milk is included (soy bean are ok to eat) NO fruits, sweeteners real or artificial. but he says he enjoys about 16 oz of diet coke once a day or so and it doesnt affect anything. so no rice, bread, potatoes or yams, tortillas, chips or anything else you can think of. In the fruit exceptions category tomatoes are ok.
  4. condiments. avocados are good and oil and vinegar are great. you can use some butter on veggies and stuff. you can use “lite salt” and lots of other dry seasonings as long as the sodium is low. katchup is not ok cause of the sugar content. unless you make it yourself dont eat it. but i use ranch or fatty dressings on my salads and that seems to be ok.
  5. test it out. be your own test dummy. bend the rules if it works for you.
  6. red wine. not a must but a can do 1 glass a night if you so wish of a Merlot or something like that. something thats low in sugar.

food list


eggs, chicken breast or thighs, beef (preferably grass feed), fish, & pork


lentils (aka dal or daal), black beans, pinto beans, red beans, soybeans


spinach, mixed veggies including broccoli cauliflower, or any other cruciferous veggie, sauergraut, kimchee, asparagus, peas and breen beans

somebody also did very well doing the chipotle diet. burrito stuff in a bowl. he even did sour cream and cheese. experiment.


  • not eating enough protein upon waking.
  • not drinking enough water
  • not eating enough protein throughout the day
  • skipping the beans. they are a slow burning carb and help maintain the full feeling between meals.
  • counting calories. dont do it. just eat till you’re full. no worries
  • only looking at the scale for results. this diet helps build lean muscle super easy so you will be losing inches like crazy but not so much in the lbs department. women who’ve had two or more kids and/or are over 40 will have slow results wait 4-6 weeks and it’ll pick up.

cheat day

once a week (normally sat) go completely nuts eat your heart out. all the nos now become yes’s. with a few rules

  • grapefruit juice take a shot glass size amount of it before you go nuts. then do some air squats, wall presses (standing up push ups against a wall) or get some resistance bands with in the hour of pigging out. the juice helps open up some special things in your muscles and helps burn things off faster when added with a little exercise.
  • drink caffeine. it helps move the food along so it doesnt spend much time getting soaked up into the body thus turning it into fat.
  • dont forget your cold therapy.
  • i think he says add cinnamon too but im not sure. hey what could it hurt though level blood sugar is great.

all that being said i think thats it for the diet part of it.

now for some of my results. now Im not as brave as some people out there and you will never catch me posting my weight on anything that others can see. I’d just die if that every came out. I don’t even let daniel take my measurements cause I don’t want him to have an actual number in his head of how fat his wife is. anyways. we had been farting around half heatedly with this diet for a week or so before we started doing it right. we did that for a week then took our measurements. NERDS I KNOW. so we finally did that on feb 15th. (great day to do that right after pig out vday. hehe) then i measured myself again on the 15th only change was an inch off my thighs. and about 8 lbs. then i measured again today and lost .5″ off my left arm, 1″ off my waist 1″ off my hips, and another 1″ off both thighs 3″ off my chest (sad times) and 2″ off my ribcage! grand total: 9.5″ YIKES!!!!!! ive been pushing the boundary’s too much and haven’t been losing but i havent been gaining so I’m ok with that. πŸ™‚

his book is in laymens terms but has sections of all the nitty gritty science details of why this works. he’s tested on himself and a few hundred others with just as many awesome results if not better. i strongly suggest getting the book. we have it for the kindle on our android phones and our ipods. i wanna say it was like $10. or get the hard back for like $30.

I’ve also “liked” 4 hour body recipes on facebook and I follow tim ferriss on twitter and i “liked” him on facebook.


my fatness

So since I had micah I’ve yo yo’d back a forth in my weight but never going past my heaviest while still pregnant with him. Since that weight I’ve lost 38 lbs. 20 of that in the past month. (HCG diet) I have 20 still to go before I reach my previous fattest weight and 20 to go after that before I reach my pre pregnancy weight. what makes me the saddest is I’ve lost those 20 lbs and I still feel discusting. 😦 I’m happy though that the last time I weighed this much I was just over mid way through my pregnancy with trin. so it’s been a while. still fat and nasty but just slightly less fat and nasty.

7 days

So my surgery will be in 7 more days and I am both scared and excited. Heres a list of the things that have been bouncing around in my head.

1. General anaesthesia scares the crap out of me. I’ve never had more then twilight and an epidural. With my luck I’m gonna have some kind of reaction. I think it’s also the thing that scars daniel the most.

2. I wonder how they are gonna pull my gallbladder out through that tiny incision. I’d be more open to believing it if I did not have so many layers of fat. I dont think fat is as stretchy as everyone elses thin skin.

3. I can not believe I have to be naked infront of so many total strangers. good thing I’ll be out!

4. I am so not looking forward to having all that air in my abdominal cavity. man that makes me feel MASSIVE and CAVERNOUS.

5. Really hopeing for a fast recovery!


I went to see the surgeon today and he said ultimately it’s my decision. 😦 which sucks cause I don’t want surgery but there is no way I want to have another attack! DANG IT this sucks! He said it’s all up to how much pain I can handle. grrr!!!! He says there can be complications from not having it out but that there also can be complications from getting it out! This is probably one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make ever!!

Simi offical

So I finally called kaiser to leave a message with my primary care provider only to find out that I no longer have one!!!! Why oh why was I not informed of this when it happened! So now I’m on a waiting list to get a new one since none of them are accepting new patients at this time. Luckily I was able to go see some random doc tonight at 7 and he took a look and referred me to the gen. surgeon. I have to call them tomorrow to make my appointment at which time they’ll let me know weather or not it’s gotta come out. I asked the doc tonight if it was a for sure thing that it’s gotta go and he said “they’ll make that decision but with the number of stones and frequency of attacks it’s more then likely gonna come out”. 😦 So it’s official its gall stones (duh) and almost official its coming out.


nope this is not going to be a blog about what has just happened today to our nation but about a happier thing. Trinity is now in a big girl bed. Daddy made the switch tonight and she could not have been more excited. She has been down for about an hour now and she never once attemped to get out of bed. We’ll see how things go in the morning. Not that it makes that big of a difference Micah get’s up at the BCOD and doesn’t settle down until about 8 which is when she normally gets up so I didn’t get any extra sleep after 5:30 anyways.Β  It’s truely amazing how fast they grow up.

heres the low down at 28 weeks

So as you read yesterday (or right after you read this πŸ™‚ ) I have gestational diabetes and these are the reasons for me not being ok with it. As if Micah does not have enough stuff stacked against him already. And the fact that I will probably have type 2 diabetes in the next 5 years doesn’t make me feel like I can be a fully functioning mom. and the thought that I’ll deteriorate like my grandma and death to result from diabetes related issues scares me for my kids and daniel. I am suppose to live forever right? πŸ˜‰ well here’s the low down on all the stuff that put me in a very sad and dark place yesterday.

How will gestational diabetes affect my baby?

Untreated or uncontrolled gestational diabetes can mean problems for your baby, such as

  • jaundice, polycythemia (an increase in the number of red cells in the blood), and hypocalcemia (low calcium in the blood)
  • low blood glucose right after birth
  • breathing problems
  • Heart problems (which is already a possibility)
  • Some studies have found a link between severe gestational diabetes and
    an increased risk for stillbirth in the last two months of pregnancy
  • higher likelihood of childhood and adult obesity, and of developing diabetes (which is already a high possibility)

My risk factors

  • I have a parent,and grandparent with diabetes.
  • I am American Indian. (cherokee from my moms side)
  • I am 25 years old or older.
  • I am overweight.

My Lab results

*if even 2 of your results are above the normal range you have gestational diabetes*

Time laps above normal Me
Fasting 95 or higher 103
At 1 hour 180 or higher 191
At 2 hours 155 or higher 127
At 3 hours 140 or higher 124

How will gestational diabetes affect me?

Often, women with gestational diabetes have no symptoms. However, gestational diabetes may

  • increase your risk of high blood pressure during pregnancy (which makes me twice as likely to develop preeclampsea)
  • increase your risk of a large baby and the need for cesarean section at delivery (cesarean is already a high likelihood since I’m overweight)
  • 50 percent of women who get gestational diabetes will develop type 2 diabetes within the first five years after delivery