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I carried you in my womb for nine months… felt sick for months with nausea, then watched my feet swell (and even disappear), my skin stretch and tear; i struggled to climb stairs, and got breathless quick; i suffered many sleepless nights. Then went through pain to bring you into this world.
Then, I became your nurse, your chef, your maid, your chauffeur, your biggest fan, your teacher, your helper, your prayer warrior, and your BEST FRIEND. I struggled for you, cried over you, hoped the best for you, and PRAYED for you.
*stolen and slightly modified.

I think I need to frame this and hang it in my kids room as not only a reminder to them but also a reminder to myself of what the 2nd half reminds me to be.


Thrilling Thursday in the ghetto

Its been awhile since I blogged last and figured now is as good a time as any to fill you all in. So here we go with yesterdays excitement.

Yesterday started off normal, I thought about taking the kids to story time at the library but then remembered that trin still has a fever so we just stayed home. Normal nothingness for the rest of the day. Daniel gets home and the kids go down for a nap.

All Normal until I notice shadow had been barking for a longer then normal amount of time so I got up to go check. I see a group of high school kids sitting on the wall by my house. I watch them through the window cause I know the people in my neighborhood aren’t always the greatest. I hear one kid say “yea look there’s a brick over there…” he hops the wall into the parking lot beside my house so I go over and swing that door up “to shush my dog” which scares the crap out of the boy and his friend heading over to grab the brick which I can only assume is going to be used as a weapon. Needless to say they didn’t get the brick and I stood in the door way staring at them for a bit then came inside.

I Called 911 after that to let them know a group of 20 minors and at least 2 adults were sanding outside my house who looked like they are up to no good. Yes I’m a paranoid old person but with obvious good reason. I went and woke daniel up letting him know what was going on and I had just called the cops. I Asked if he could get up while we wait for them to show up. First 911 call was at a little after 3pm.

I went out front “to check the mail” really I wanted to see what they were up to from a different angle. My mom needed someone to pick her up after work and I wrote her a text and told her that daniel could go get her after the kids left or the cops showed up. A few more kids showed up and hung out for a while. Then at about 4pm 3 cars full of people showed up. I noticed the group was getting agitated so I called 911 while moving to the front yard. Its Kinda easy to “blend in” when they are all in fight mode cause they kinda get tunnel vision. So I’m standing in my drive way telling dispatch the situation has now changed cause 3 cars just pulled up with people that have bats and a machete. Once the machete dude lunges at a guy who goes and stands behind daniel on the porch while I start yelling. Don’t quote me I don’t remember exactly what was said  I just know it had some profanity in it and it startled them all enough to stop for a moment. They “regrouped” and started again. This happens a few more times. The 911 operator asks “ma’am who are you yelling at” to which I replied “the ‘effing’ kids trying to stab people in my front yard!” Bla Bla Bla I yell at a few more kids when one says “why don’t you call the cops then!!!!” So I waved my phone at him and said “who the ‘eff’ do you think I’m talking to!!!” Thats when they all try and reassure me that nothings going on and that everything and everyone is OK.

They hop in their cars and drive off. I let dispatch know the vehicles that are being driven and in what direction they are headed. The kid that almost got stabbed along with his group of friends went just 3 doors down from us. Yay for living so close to such awesome people!

While I was yelling I noticed a small trickle of fluids running down my leg. ***warning TMI approaching*** probably wouldn’t have noticed if I wasn’t in a dress without underwear on. Sorry you were warned. I remember thinking (while yelling) ‘holy cow did I just pee a little while yelling… (which I was doing at the top of my lungs and if you know me at all you know that is pretty freaking loud) ‘or did my water just break?’ After everyone left and I finally got off the phone with 911 daniel and I stayed outside waiting for the cops, which never showed,  and watching to see what else happened. While standing outside I start getting some pretty awesome contractions so I go inside to go pee cause I feel pressure, but don’t actually pee. Check what liquid is on my leg no oder so I think “maybe that was my water”. I go tell daniel what’s going on then run a bath, call my mom to let her know A. What just happened outside the house B. I think my water broke and C. We will come get her in a sec. I call my obs office to see what they want me to do and the conversation goes something like this “so funny question. there was a near stabbing in my front yard and I think my water may have broke while I was yelling at them…” she butts in “you need to go to the hospital” oh alright. All i wanted to do was soak in the tub. So now I have to sit in the tub while my brother gets home to pick up my kids and go get my mom from work. I then text some family members to let them know what’s going on. All the while the contractions have let up enough I don’t feel like I’m being ripped in half but still close and uncomfortable. My brother shows up; daniel and I leave for the hospital.  while parkingat the hospital  RPD calls me to ask if im still in the area. I informed her that no i was not cause i think my water broke and im having contractions. I let them know once again that a group of the people involved are just 3 doors down from where I live. She asks if I was hurt I told her no then she wanted to know if I was already at the hospital. like she’s gonna send out an ambulance or something. Ha no thanks I see how fast you guys responded to my first two calls, I’ll handle this one on my own.

I get there and have NO CLUE where I’m to go. I’ve only been to Parkview a handful of times and that was when my sister was pregnant 7 yrs ago!!! Good place to start is the ER. they send me to admitting where I wait about 20-30 mins to get that handled. Lame!!! Do you know how hard it is to fill out paperwork and answer question while in pain. Grrr. By the time they get a bed cleaned and me all hooked up I’m now only having mild contractions and slight pressure. she swabs for fluids; did you know amniotic fluid makes a fern leaf like pattern when it dries on a microscope slide. I love odd info. Anywho after that dries we know it wasn’t my water that broke just my fat broke body unable to “contain” it self under “pressure”. Lol gotta love being pregnant. Had to wait to get a second opinion on the fluids and then wait for a doc to check my out. By the time that happened @ 9ish I was only having braxton hicks type contractions and pretty much no more pressure so I told him I feel fine I’m ready to go home. (Oh p.s. there was a nurse shift change while I was there and when she came in to introduce herself and see how I was going I started to tell her “well you see what happened was…” she said “oh I heard all about the excitement”. Lol so did the doc, maybe they over heard me telling my dad when he showed up. I let them know I had a Ob appointment scheduled for Friday which they thought was great so home I went after stopping to get Carl’s Jr cause I was STARVING!!!!

so I hope you enjoyed the exciting tales of the ghetto S.A.H.M. Love you all and thanks for all your prayers and concerns.

my fatness

So since I had micah I’ve yo yo’d back a forth in my weight but never going past my heaviest while still pregnant with him. Since that weight I’ve lost 38 lbs. 20 of that in the past month. (HCG diet) I have 20 still to go before I reach my previous fattest weight and 20 to go after that before I reach my pre pregnancy weight. what makes me the saddest is I’ve lost those 20 lbs and I still feel discusting. 😦 I’m happy though that the last time I weighed this much I was just over mid way through my pregnancy with trin. so it’s been a while. still fat and nasty but just slightly less fat and nasty.

peace on earth

well at least in the vizthum house! I got a call from my sister in law today asking if I could come by there house to pick up some christmas presents while she continued to pack and get ready for their flight to Hawaii for Christmast? I said yes. I mean who would a) turn down Amanda and b) turn down presents 🙂 So I hope in my car and head down there. Poor sweet thing is running around like a chicken with her head cut off trying to get ready and she still took time out of her day to love on me and my family. Well long story short she tried to get us a Graco Sweet Peace off craigslist but had some technical difficulties so we got cash with the hopes of a) finding one on there ourselves or b) using another christmas present (gift card from a family memeber!) to buy a brand new one from target. Well I found one on craigslist. not as cheap as she had found it but still cheaper then the $189.99 from the store. SO YAY!! this could not have come a better time since our swing, which is micah’s saving grace. 😉 broke on sunday!! I’ve been coviting a sweet peace for months and months! especially since micah really enjoys his carseat and motion and it is really hard to sleep and provide that for him. So at 6:30 tonight peace will be restored to the vizthum household. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO US!!

6 weeks (gets pretty random)

Well micah is almost 6 weeks old crazy how fast time flys. We’ve been having a difficult time with his extra fussiness. It is hard going from perfect happy complacent Trinity to gassy fussy hungry 24/7 mad unless mommys holding him Micah. We have just found some relief with this Similac Sensitive and the use of our papason swing. Which currently has run out of magic and I have to pick him up. I guess he’s started sleeping through the night. When they consider 5 to 6 hours through the night. then it’s down for a few more hours then its good morning at 5:30 so not use to this.

ok gotta speed this blog up.

been having “attacks” thougth it was food poisoning couldn’t figure out why I kept having so many. Little time of google found out it’s my gall bladder. very sad about this. went in for my 6 week postpartum appointment and talked to her about them and she said that I should call and make an appointment but not to wait 2 weeks. then she came out while i was waiting to talk to the nurse and said go down to urgent care now and get things started. Luckily I got in right before the rush and left with a referral to radiology for an ultrasound to see if and how many gall stones I have and a prescription for vicodin when I have an attack. Which I had last night so I’m glad I had the vicodin. at 1st I didn’t want to take vicodin cause it incapacitates me but hey so does the pain so I’d rather be in less pain and out of it then dying and out of it.

Have to wait 6 more weeks before I can go back and get an IUD so fingers crossed no babies show up before then. 😉

Had some issues with daniels company and micah being covered through the insurance. but got it all taken care of now. Man I hate HCI!!

Trinity’s birthday’s coming up and I am in shock at how much she’s grown up. just 2 years ago she was tiny and umm…a lot like micah only more chill.  We also were planning for her surgery when she was micah’s age.

Micah’s starting to smile and make baby noises i love it.

Trinity loves him so much and tries to help me with everything its so cute.

our 3 year wedding anniversary is coming up on sunday not sure what we’re going to do but it’ll be fun.

been praying for my friends and family a lot more these days. that feels good.

just asked trinity if she could pick up her toys and put them away and she said ik and actally started doing it without me having to guide her. now thats awesome.

can’t wait for thanksgiving.

I’m back

It feels so good to have the internet back! I’ve been without internet/email for almost 3 weeks now. yes it was the longest 3 weeks of my life. although it didn’t really matter that much since Micah is a mommy hog. I am lucky if I can go pee without him screaming bloody murder and eating… that’s a joke. No wonder I’ve lost over 20 lbs in these 4 weeks since he got here.

lots of things have been going on one of which is HCI (daniels employeers) tried to say we didn’t notify them about Micah’s birth soon enough and that they were not going to cover him. I went nuts I could not believe how cheap his company is. Daniel called and talked with them and he had to give them a paper from the hospital that had his date of birth on it. Grrr… they make me so made.

Trinity is very close to being potty trained. It would be easier if she was not such a two year old. (stuborn and grumpy) and if I did not have a baby in hand or on the boob at all times. She is such a cutie though she is so proud everytime she goes to the bathroom by herself. She is growing up so fast! she is learning so many new words everyday it’s amazing to see her brain at work. I love to see her interact with Micah she turely loves him with all her heart. She looks out for him and helps me out so much. I love them so much.

well thats all i can think of for now. besides that trinity just walked out of her room wearing nothing but a pair of sandals. yep totally buck nacked but has shoes on. It’s gonna be a sad day for her when she realizes she can not go outside nacked.

due date

So yesterday was my due date and I’m so glad Micah didn’t wait until then to come out. He would have been nearly 10 lbs!! That would have sucked pushin that out!! I mean as it is I tore pushing out an 8 pound baby.

On monday Micah will be 2 weeks old! oh how time flies!