See I turned 29 today and this being the last year in my 20’s so there are a few things I’ve been thinkin I should have completed before I hit the big three oh.

Here they are

  • get a savings going again
  • lost this extra 20 lbs of baby weight to hit my pre pregnancy weight and maybe throw in an extra 10.
  • start up a company. (cant tell you what it is cause its a secret…for now anyways but we have a name picked out already)
  • be more patient with my kids and daniel
  • see how long I can grow my hair. This should be interesting
  • start exercising at least 3 times a week.
  • get back into the 4 hour body
  • get my nubbin looked out
  • start blogging more. not that anyone needs me too but its a good tool for remembering whats happened.

simple enough right? we’ll see.